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Quality Control

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Quality Control

QC/Technical Support

We regard ISO 9001 criterion system as our standard.
All products undergo strict QC inspections, including incoming QC, in-process QC, outgoing QC and outgoing


QA. Also  special selection and testing  are implemented before delivery. We make sure our products are the clients' first choice.

QC Staff

25 to 30

Standards & Approvals
ISO 9001

y Materials/Components
Imported from Japan and USA.

Procedures/testing Details
We take strict inspections or tests on each product per required characteristics , The sampling is according to MIL-STD-105E grade.
Other Information
We pursue high-quality products with absolutely no defects. If you encounter problems with our products, our after-sale staff will assist you with prompt replacement, as well as with analysis and corrective action and providing 8D report.


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